Zodiac Style: Capricorn

capricornThe Zodiac Style series continues with a look at Capricorn style.

I must confess, I have a special place in my heart for Capricorns, especially Capricorn women. They are strong and earthy, with a practical intelligence and a steadfast energy that is both energizing and grounding. Capricorns aren’t given to flights of fancy; in fact, their ruling planet Saturn ensures that they are very serious, thoughtful people. This also means that they aren’t usually the first ones to tell witty jokes or fool around; but this makes their smiles, when they do appear, all the more precious. When you come to them in a time of need, they will offer much more than mere platitudes. Their loyalty and support will be tangible and practical.

Capricorns are focused, intense individuals. They take everything in life seriously, including themselves. It follows then that they take their appearance seriously, also. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever see a Capricorn in a flashy, attention-grabbing outfit. They have a very well formed idea of what is appropriate. Capricorns have a very strong material streak and a fondness for valuable, expensive, and well-made things; they are likely to build their wardrobe on a foundation of great quality, pricey investment pieces from high-end brands (if they can afford it, which they can, more often than not).

Capricorns, both male and female, often occupy positions of leadership and power, from lower management all the way up (this applies in and out of the workplace; Capricorn stay at home moms carry the same aura of competence and authority as a Capricorn CEOs). At the same time, they don’t particularly love the spotlight and attention for their own sake. Traditional business dress is their holy grail; their preferences can lean towards urban, or perhaps natural a la Ralph Lauren, but good quality tailoring is a must. This is why Capricorns mostly stick to classics and often use menswear elements, like trousers, jackets and military styles. British fashion brand Burberry illustrates Capricon style very well.

Three famous women illustrate Capricorn style extremely well: Marlene Dietrich, Diane Keaton and Princess Kate.


Marlene Dietrich, with her throaty voice and intense, mysterious appeal, was one of the first actresses (along with Katharine Hepburn) to start wearing men’s suits. What seems reasonable today was a very bold fashion move in her time. The resulting style became legendary.

Diane Keaton is another actress who appropriated menswear extremely well. She seems to have had a strong innate understanding of her signature style even when she was very young, and in her later years her love for tailored suits and tuxedo jackets became even more pronounced. She also loves to wear accessories, like gloves, hats, and scarves, thus lightening up her tailored ensembles:

Picture 163

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is my favorite example of a modern Capricorn woman dressing true to her style.

Kate’s dress sense is admired by women all over the world, because she always looks put together and chic in a way that is very realistic and approachable. She is famous for wearing the same items more than once, especially shoes (there is one particular pair of black pumps that she is very fond of). This practical trait is characteristic of a Capricorn, and it makes her seem all the more relatable and down to earth.

Kate’s outfits always have structure and a great fit that looks perfect on her figure. Her style is practical and feminine, but not girly. She prefers to wear dresses and skirts, but uses tailoring and menswear influences to streamline them. Take a look at her coats, for example (Kates sure loves her coats!):

Kate Middleton Coats

click to enlarge

You can see the excellent tailoring and structure, but notice also the subtle feminine touches, like the ruched hem on her cream double breasted trench, or the little flower pin on a  military-inspired navy coat. These touches are both light and appropriate for the whole ensemble. They add femininity and visual interests to garments that would otherwise be a tad stark.

Kate demonstrates the kind of style that Capricorn women excel at: practical, tailored chic. Every look is attainable; the secret isn’t the exclusivity of the pieces, but rather the taste level and a good understanding of what is suitable and flattering. Kate also knows and uses her natural assets extremely well; in her case, it’s her trim figure, classically attractive face, and absolutely stunning hair. She doesn’t try too hard, but always manages to look put together and stylish. In a way that is unique to Capricorns, Kate combines an air of gravitas and practicalilty with a good dash of earthy approachability. It’s no wonder that women all over the world strive to emulate her style.

Here’s what Capricorn style looks like:

Capricorn Style
Tune in next month, when we’ll be looking at the style of Aquarius!
Picture 73

5 responses to “Zodiac Style: Capricorn

  1. Been enjoying these despite not being all that in to astrology and really looking forward to the next one since I’m aquarius and never relate much to any of the descriptions except the one I once read that mentioned a smaller subset that are completely different and that description did fit at least a bit better, but I’ve never found it again so may well have made it up!

  2. I m a cap sun and aries moon.but i gues most of thingsa as mentioned seriousness workaholic r quite styrotypical assumptions.as i m not seroous type..neither i had been workaholic.money i earn being wrking hard or wtht ny seriousness too.secondly thy say cap women are faithfull..its nt true entirely.i had dumped people in my life.i m nt very calm but posess ferrocious nature.this is also not entirely true tat one crave fr power security …i find most of d people in cap sun are tooch stereotype…nd lastly i don hav melancjoly eyes..instead i hav eyes which are quite curious sober and bright…regards

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