Shopping Is a Girl Thing

Shopping. Why is it a female thing?

Good question.

Do our girl babies learn how to get the best deal on a pair of Manolos while still in the womb? No, because shopping skill is not a genetic trait. The ability to shop is gained through nurture, not nature.

But no one ever actually says to those girl babies, “You’ll be in charge of all of the shopping for your family so you’d better learn how.”

And yet somehow, without anyone talking about what’s going on, our girl babies become apprentice shoppers. Before we know it they’ve learned all they need to know, and they take their places as fully trained shoppers: able to buy clothes that are inexpensive and flattering, household goods that are stylish and affordable, and gifts that delight.

Stores know that most of their customers are women, and the smart ones set things up to appeal to us.

And so we shop. And then the holidays come each year, and some of us realize that we are the family list makers, gift buyers, and designated shoppers. And, probably, we keep doing it even though we’re tired. Because who else is going to do it?

I’m the shopper in our family. The problem is that I don’t want to be. I used to enjoy it but I don’t have the patience anymore. Sadly, that doesn’t mean that no purchases need to be made.

It’s hard to keep doing it, now that I’ve realized I’m supposed to. No one forced me to become Chief Shopper. It’s just that I’m better at it than my boyfriend is, so I do it. And then I do it because I’ve been doing it.

It’s “normal.” No one thinks it’s weird if a woman shops all the time. Right?


One response to “Shopping Is a Girl Thing

  1. Yes you are absolutely right shopping is ladies things. God has gifted girls such guts since birth to do bargain and all shopping related tips and tricks.
    Thanks for providing me a platform to voice my view and for the support !!!

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