An Excited Look at Fall 2012 Pantone Colors

I’m guessing that some of you have already seen Pantone’s Fall 2012 Fashion Color Report (if you haven’t, check it out here). This is probably the most excited I’ve been since I started following Pantone’s color reports each season. I mean, just look at these colors:

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How fantastic are they? These colors aren’t just gorgeous in and of themselves; they also appeal to a very broad spectrum of people’s coloring.

Here we have a variety of cool, warm and neutral colors. I am so excited at the prospect of wearing French Roast, Honey Gold, Tangerine Tango and Ultramarine Green! Women with warmer, clear coloring will pull off Bright Chartreuse and possibly, Olympian Blue, beautifully. Women with cooler as well as light and blended coloring will be quite happy with Titanium, Rhapsody and Rose Smoke; and women of bright and high contrast coloring will love Olympian Blue, Pink Flambe and Bright Chartreuse, depending on how cool or warm they lean. Overall, a fantastic array of colors.

I am also happy to see such a great mix of “colorful” colors and neutrals. And notice the potential for color combos!  You can mix neutrals with colors in a simple, subdued way, like Titanium and Rhapsody; you can do neutrals only, like French Roast and Honey Gold; or you can mix colors like Honey Gold (love that one) with Olympian Blue, or Pink Flambe with Titanium (I loved that they chose to arrange the colors, by the way; really makes it easier to visualize the possibilities).

I am always excited for Fall; not for the weather which I dislike, but for the fashions, since I know for a fact that shopping will be easy: color-wise, this is my season. This Fall I’m doubly excited, not just for myself but for everyone else since I know that many people who find that cold weather fashions don’t compliment their coloring  will find more options than usual this year.

Now, if only I can find that Tangerine Tango in a nail polish…

P.S. Now I know for a fact she didn’t do it on purpose, but am I the only one stunned to see how well Jenny’s collage coordinates with the new Pantone colors?


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