Shapeshifter Style

Last week, we told you about our Shapeshifter vs. Vampire style showdown. Jenny presented her arguments in favor of vampire style, and today I’m here to tell you why shifters rule.

Shapeshifting, in different forms, has existed in human folklore for many hundreds of years. But, unlike vampires, who have enjoyed a huge exposure in movies and TV, shapeshifters are mostly represented in that medium by werewolves and Wolverine (ok, he is a superhero, but let’s add him to the mix. He’s in touch with his animal side, which is what shapeshifting is all about! Besides, dibs on Hugh Jackman). This has been changing recently with adaptations of True Blood and Twilight. In books and movies, vampires and shapeshifters are usually enemies, and really, they couldn’t be more different, the aloof coldness of vampires at odds with the fiery natures of shapeshifters. And yet, both are dangerous, and both are extremely attractive. So, what is the shapeshifter appeal all about?

Sam from True Blood

Unlike vampires, who are often cold and aristocratic, shapeshifters are warm, sensual and earthy. Their greatest power lies in their connection to the animal world, both outside and within themselves. They are unselfconscious, and they embrace their bodies and their animal nature completely. They are utterly confident, reveling in their physicality, power and sensual appeal.


This is what I so love about shapeshifters. They are dangerous and volatile, sure, but oh so much fun. Having mastered the power of transformation and their own animal nature, they are completely in touch with the world around them. Shapeshifters are part of life’s mysteries. They are equally happy in the light of the sun and in the glow of the moon. Where vampires are often solitary and individualistic, shapeshifters enjoy closeness and contact; they revel in the pleasure their senses give them.

There are two sides to shapeshifter style. One consists of the clothes they wear for the sake of their human side, and the other is all about expressing their sensual, animal nature. 

Alcide, modeling shifter fashion

Shapeshifter clothes need to be comfortable and practical. Shapeshifters are intensely physical and need to be able to shift into their animal counterparts at any moment. Because they spend so much time outdoors, their style is often rugged and natural. You will see them wear a lot of soft, non-restrictive cotton shirts in muted colors, or plaid.
Jeans are a must, as are hiking boots (think Timberland). They wear leather jackets, too, not as a style statement, but because they are comfortable and weather-proof.

I mean, seriously

You can say that to many shapeshifters, everyday clothes are not about projecting any kind of image. Clothes are merely their concession to their human side; a necessary but inadequate equivalent of their animal skins. Shapeshifters are unselfconscious and probably wouldn’t even wear clothes at all, if they could get away with it (and honestly, looking the way they do, who can blame them?)

The other side of the shapeshifter style coin is about expressing the animal nature within. Because shapeshifters (like animals) are governed by their senses, the fabrics are always a pleasure to touch; think cashmere, silk, suede. And of course, fur! Prints are also inspired by nature; think big cat prints, butterfly and bird wings, etc. The colors range from muted and soft to bold and bright. Other animal motifs, like feathers, claws and fangs, work great in jewelry and accessories. Clothing shapes are always body conscious and even clingy, but non-restrictive. Clothes move with the body.

Shapeshifter Style

Ahh, so many great ways to dress like a shapeshifter!

Remember, shapeshifter style is sensual, confident, tactile, and earthy. It’s all about embracing your wild side; reveling in the power of your body; and enjoying the pleasure of your senses. 

Readers, I hope I made a strong case for my side. We’ll be posting the Style Showdown poll in the next couple of days, so please come and vote for your favorite!

PS If you are still in doubt about who is cooler, remember: shapeshifters are so awesome, vampire lore even borrowed their powers (vampire bats, anyone?)

PPS If you love, or are interested in, paranormal and urban fantasy and shapeshifters in particular, check out the awesome Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, and the works of Patricia Briggs!


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