How to Clean Your Closet for Fall: The Quick Fix

What a varied color pallette I have there. Bravo me!

Here’s what to do if you want to MAKE YOUR CLOSET PERFECT IN ONE DAY.

I know, it sounds crazy. Definitely too much work, right? Isn’t it better to clean your closet step-by-step over a period of time? Well, that depends. If you do it all in one day, you don’t have to think of it for the rest of the season.

So here’s how you do it. As a preliminary step, may I suggest some caffeine and/or sugar?

Starbucks coffee

Caffeinated sugary beverage as closet cleaning aid

  • Take EVERYTHING out of your closet and put it on your bed—this will force you to finish the project in one day if you want somewhere to sleep that night.
  • Clean the closet. I mean physically clean the closet. Sweep it out, wash it, scrub it, paint it if necessary. Do whatever needs to be done to make it a pristine canvas for your dream wardrobe. Make this the year you have the closet that is going to inspire you.
  • Put clothes back in. Do one category at a time. I start with shoes because it seems like the smallest category. Pick up each pair and notice your reaction to it. Toss any that give you a moderately negative or severely negative feeling. Toss them even if you feel like you “might need them some day.” Any that get a positive reaction go back in the closet.
  • Repeat until all clothes are either in the toss pile or back in the closet.

Sound too simple? It is simple, until you try to get rid of a shirt you haven’t worn in a year or a necklace you’d forgotten you had. You know you don’t quite like it and will probably never wear it, but….This is where we all get stuck. Make this the year you let go of the things that don’t make you look like your best self. Stop keeping things “just in case.”

We make our closets so complicated, but they don’t have to be. Getting dressed in the morning can be easy. Now throw that sweater in the toss pile already.


8 responses to “How to Clean Your Closet for Fall: The Quick Fix

  1. Hahahaha! I am VERY familiar with the “pile everything on your bed so you are forced to finish within a day” tactic! Sometimes it results in 7 pm “OMG this is never going to be over…” tantrums, followed by a few hours of determined slogging through it all to really loud rock music.

    Have I mentioned I hate cleaning my closet and it is jam packed full of crap at the moment…with a light that doesn’t work? Guess I know what I’ll get to be doing with the Virgo new moon. 😉

    • Sometimes I just move it into the office and pile it onto the chair. Or sometimes I divide the piles up onto a few chairs. Or, and this is really pathetic, I just leave it on the bed.

  2. I’ve been putting off doing this but you’ve galvanised me! Guess what I’m doing with my day off next week?

  3. I don’t think I’m ready for the full-on clean up, as it would result in me having to go to work in my pyjamas. 😀 However, I will tackle the shelves above and below the clothes rack part, which are full of handbags and shoes which are never used, and also a large amount of photography equipment. So I should clear some space for all the lovely new things I’m going to buy as a result of the Makeover Challenge, shouldn’t I? 😉

    • I definitely prefer to do it in stages. I agree, if I got rid of everything I didn’t love I wouldn’t have much to wear, so I don’t quite get that far.

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