Shopping for Plus Size Curves: Kiyonna

First up in our series is Kiyonna! Founded by Kim Khanbeigi, Kiyonna sells modern, yet feminine styles in a wide range of sizes (from 10-32). From casual and office appropriate styles to evening wear and even bridal gowns, you are sure to find clothes that flatter your curves and satisfy your inner fashionista!

KiyonnaKim’s inspiration for the company came after spending a weekend with one of her best friends and noticing her clothes didn’t have tags in them—the friend’s mother sewed all her clothes because there was nothing cute and stylish in shops to fit her plus sized curves. The company had a rough start, but after opening up sales online it blossomed into the business it is today, providing women with beautiful clothes that many mainstream brick-and-mortar stores still can’t compete with!  As Kim says “We’re in business still, after all these years, because we’ve always sold a feeling, not a product. I’ve always believed in the idea that curvy women deserved to look and feel stylish and amazing. Why not?” Why not indeed!

I’ve been shopping at Kiyonna for over 4 years now, my first item was one of their famous bellini tops, I bought it through a boutique while living in New Zealand! Since moving to the US I’ve taken advantage of their great shipping and return policies and have several bellinis now, along with 3 of their Legacy Wrap Dresses and several tops. I find their sizing relatively consistent and the quality is great, I still wear that first bellini I bought! I’ve returned and exchanged things on many occasions without problem, just make sure to pay attention to their return policy time restrictions. Become a fan of theirs on Facebook to get first notice of sales and discount codes. Online shopping not your thing? Kiyonna is featured in boutiques around the world, check their site for a store locator.

I recommend their clothing particularly for those who have a sultry, romantic component to their style. In Kibbe land Soft Dramatics, Soft Naturals, Soft Classics, Theatrical Romantics and Romantics will have the best luck with their styles, though on occasion you can find styles that suit the more Classic or Soft Gamine woman. Draped fabrics, ruching, ruffles, lace, and body conscious silhouettes dominate their clothing line, but in tasteful, contemporary interpretations. Colors tend to lean towards the Summer/Winter end of the spectrum, but I watch with baited breath every Spring when warm hues pop up in a variety of their styles and in Autumn they often have clothing in rich pumpkin orange and olive tones.

Have you shopped at Kiyonna? Is there a favorite item they have that you can’t get enough of? Tell us in the comments!



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