How Online Shopping Saved Plus Size Style

Growing up a plus sized girl, clothes shopping was depression inducing. The few things available were either tent-like or elastic filled, with concepts like proper line, fit, and style identity far removed from the process. As such, I grew up viewing clothes as more function than something that could express my personality and preferences. I rarely found anything that I actually loved putting on, which did nothing but feed my self-loathing.

Thankfully, those days are over! I’ve learned to embrace my curves and shopping is more hopeful than ever before. In the last 10 to 15 years the plus sized clothing industry has been getting a steady flow of new life. Options have improved as more and more women find themselves in this size range and are not willing to sacrifice their style preferences to wear sack clothing and punish themselves for being outside the ideal size 4. Newer companies that specialize in plus sized clothing are focused on creating clothes that let their clientele express their individuality and celebrate the bodies they live in no matter what size is listed on the tag or what age they are.

Online shopping has enabled this trend, giving us all access to a staggering variety of shops both in the USA and abroad, giving an international flair to what is available. No longer are we limited to what is available within reasonable driving distance of our homes. Many companies now offer great shipping deals, giving more incentive to try something new! In the coming weeks I’ll be posting some of my favorite companies, from those that offer fashionable clothing great for a season or two, as well as those making high quality garments that will be in your closet for years to come.



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