Paleo, Potato Chips, and Plantains

I started doing the Paleo diet this weekend. I can’t claim to have any style-related reason for doing it, because for me it is about trying to have more energy.

Valeria gave me some books about it and I think it was just a case of the right thing at the right time, because before I knew it I was on the Paleo train.

Making the food has been relatively easy so far, but adjusting to a life without potato chips is killing me. It’s sad how much space they took up in my life. Crunchy things are apparently extremely important to me.

Yummy chips.

The best food in the world.

To save my sanity, I thought I’d try to make some plantain chips. Wow, it’s hard to get them sliced thin enough. Mine come out more like plantain fritters. Which is fine, except where’s the crunch?

Then I tried to make these plantain crackers. They weren’t very crunchy, so I may try them again with a thinner layer. But they taste too much like banana to be crackers for me.

So that’s my Paleo journey so far: desperate for crunchy, and suddenly putting (gluten-free) mustard on everything. After a lifetime of absolutely hating mustard, that’s saying something.

Maybe I’ll trying making these “Porkitos” 🙂

Who says you can't have crunchy if you're Paleo?

Who says you can’t have crunchy if you’re Paleo?




2 responses to “Paleo, Potato Chips, and Plantains

  1. Jenny, are you using the hard green plantains?? When a plantain is very green, it isn’t sweet. It is harder to peel (a knife is needed), and you have to slice it thin (a mandoline, food processor, or even vegetable peeler can help get things super thin if you want) but once fried they don’t taste like bananas, they taste a bit like a potato or yucca and they are definitely crunchy. Most people end up with plantains that are turning yellow or are very yellow, those are already turning sweet, so are much more banana-like… Though I bet those porkitos will be a bit easier to make! 😉 Also, check Whole Foods, you may be able to find yucca or taro chips.

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