Zodiac Style: Sagittarius

Today is the first Monday of December, which means it’s time for the next installment of my astrology-themed Zodiac Style series. Last month, we imagined what Scorpio style would be like; today, we’re looking at Sagittarius. 

sagittariusSagittarius is the great traveler of the Zodiac. Ever the restless seeker, Sagittarius is driven by a thirst for  knowledge and understanding; he is such a great philosopher and intellectual that it’s sometimes easy to forget that he is a Fire sign, passionate and often headstrong.

Sagittarius lives in the realm of ideas and possibilities, placing a great deal of value on his beliefs. Sagittarians are open and curious, joyful and optimistic; they are always eager to share their views, and always have a fun story or two about faraway places and exciting people. They are often quite cosmopolitan, and always independent. Their freedom-loving, exuberant nature makes them very compelling people, but also means that they shy away from commitments and  deep emotional attachments. They are not afraid to assert their independence at any cost, and, while sociable and charming, can be incredibly blunt. Tact, diplomacy and emotional sensitivity are not qualities that come easily to Sagittarius.

Brad Pitt and John Malkovich are great examples of male Sagittarians. Both men are Brad Pitthighly intelligent, philosophical, passionate about their beliefs, and spend a great deal of time traveling or living overseas. Notable female Sagittarians include Jennifer Connely and Lucy Liu, whose winning style on the hit show Elementary is the subject of several posts on this blog. In fact, her style on that show is quite Sagittarian: chic but comfortable; both urban and low key; universally appealing yet distinct.

Sagittarian style needs to be comfortable to allow for this sign’s love of movement. This often means loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibers like cotton and linen, or sporty clothes; shoes that are comfortable for walking, like hiking or riding boots, sneakers, or Converse. Sagittarians may often prefer to layer their clothes: another travel-friendly dressing strategy. Women may be fond of jeans and corduroys, or trousers in general; skirts will often be long and loose, sarong-style, or softly draping A line; again, nothing that would restrict movement or be uncomfortable or impractical.

Lucy Liu in ElementarySagittarian style can range from urban, to sporty, to natural / bohemian (or maybe a mixture of all three). They may be especially fond of travel-friendly, chic yet practical accessories. A Sagittarius is likely to invest in a great quality leather backpack or messenger bag; a world time or waterproof sports watch. Their favorite style pieces will be things bought during their travels; things that have special meaning and a distinct cultural influence. Something handmade and artisanal is great also. Even if they don’t get to travel much, Sagittarians may often be attracted to native or tribal prints, or travel-related imagery like wheels, maps, and cultural landmarks.

Colors are often neutral or muted, though pops of saturated and bright colors are possible, especially in accessories or prints. Sagittarians prefer an easy to maintain, unfussy beauty regimen, and their favorite beauty products will include a great smelling lip balm, or a moisturizing SPF cream.

Here’s a snapshot of Sagittarian style:

Zodiac Style: Sagittarius
Tune in next month, when we take a look at Capricorn!
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2 responses to “Zodiac Style: Sagittarius

  1. Okay, this is just funny. I thought your last month’s post described me to a tee. But this one is a lot “me,” too. 🙂 “philosopher and intellectual… Fire sign, passionate and often headstrong.” Um, yeah; that pretty much sums me up. And you’re still 3-4 months away from my actual sign! lol

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