Many Ways to Tie a Scarf

I was reading a new style blog (new to me at least) and found this article about a woman who wears a silk scarf every single day. I love long scarves and infinity scarves so I definitely identified with her scarf love.

She inspired me to be more creative in my scarf usage, so I went looking for instruction and inspiration and found this 25 ways to tie a scarf video:

I love the style of this video—it’s modern and fun (why do so many scarf tutorials give off a frumpy vibe?) and useful. Very helpful for those of us whose scarf tying abilities are meagre. Watching it made me realize I know nothing about scarves. I need to practice some of these tying methods.

Here’s another tutorial video for those of you who wear Pashminas:

And here’s an excellent, comprehensive photo guide using a variety of scarves.

Whether you like to use scarves as a fashion accessory, or to protect yourself from the winter chill, there is truly no limit to all the creative ways to wear scarves.


2 responses to “Many Ways to Tie a Scarf

  1. The videos are fab, but you really do need to be tall, or have a lovely long neck. I am neither. However, I *am* a huge scarf fan. Well, actually, that’s not true. I am not huge, I am short, and therefore also not a fan of huge scarves. And that is my problem – some scarves can be wrapped round and round and round, leading me to suffer from the ‘pea on a drum’ problem. I refuse to give them up though, as they allow me to buy ‘regular’ size tops rather than hunting for ‘rarer than hen’s teeth’ petite tops that I like. A slightly too low top can be saved by a bit of scarf action.

    Plus I am like Linus from Peanuts – my scarves are my comfort blankets. 😉

  2. Yes I think I am an overuser of scarves in the winter. They look fine on me but I think wearing them most days is a bit of overkill. But I like them, and they keep me warm. I’m always freezing. The problem is they are so much more noticeable than jewelry, so you really can’t just wear the same one over and over. Of course I do, and then I feel like I shouldn’t.

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