Where Are All the Colored Boots?

It’s winter. It’s dark and cold. I’m craving some color. I know that’s a common winter feeling, so WHY are 99% of boots in stores black or brown? Give me some color, store people. If you don’t wear brown, like me, that means your only choice of boot is black. More black boots? I think not.

I only wear flat or one inch heels so that narrows my options further, but I don’t see many colored options regardless of heel height. WHY? Seriously, WHY? Every other item of clothing comes in more colors. 

I’m never going to wear a bright pink boot, but maybe a blue, or even a gray? Gray isn’t even really a color. Am I asking too much? Why are gray boots so hard to find? A store will have one pair of gray boots for every hundred pairs of black. I’ve been looking for a great pair of gray riding boots for years.

I scoured the internet and found a few options, but not many if you’re not into heels. I love the red booties with the silver tip, but only if they were another color, maybe green or blue:

Colored boots

5 responses to “Where Are All the Colored Boots?

  1. Oh, boy, I hear you! In the winter when it’s dreary, why do all the colors get dreary to match? Wouldn’t we all like to see MORE color right now, not less?!

    And why ARE grey boots so hard to find? (If you do find them, they’re almost always suede. Why does grey only come in suede, when black and brown come in smooth leather.)

    I really wonder sometimes about the thought processes of designers/buyers/yetc.

  2. I know, it makes no sense. Why do buyers think people only want black or brown boots? Surely those same women would buy gray boots too? It’s clearly ridiculous.

  3. I hear you! I want a nice light-coloured boot, myself. I’m in the southern hemisphere, so right now it’s almost impossible to find ANY boot, but come winter I’ll be staring at the boring boots again.

  4. I have managed to find blue boots, and grey, but as Rachel said, they’re in suede/faux-suede. I’ve only worn the blue ankle boots so far, as I’m at a loss about what to wear coloured boots with. I’m so used to wearing black or brown boots.

  5. Well, most of my pants are black or denim or gray, so I think colored boots would work. As long as they don’t clash with the top. I imagine wearing colored boots with the rest of the outfit dark. If you normally wear more colored clothes than I do, you’d have to coordinate the colors.

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