Top 3 Youtube Makeup Channels You Need to Follow

There is a wealth of makeup and beauty-related channels on Youtube. A great majority of them are amateur, which isn’t to say they’re not useful or fun. There is a lot that can be learned from fellow makeup enthusiasts. But with so many voices, the choice of whom to follow can be quite overwhelming.

Today I’ll tell you about my top three favorite makeup and beauty channels. All three are helmed by professionals with a lot of experience in the industry. They won based on three categories:

  • great technique and teaching style / abundance of information
  • usefulness and practicality / techniques that are easy to replicate
  • accessibility and warmth / personality of the host


GossMakeupArtist is the nom de youtube of  makeup artist Wayne Goss. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this man. He is phenomenal. He is, hands down, the best makeup teacher you can find on Youtube. His channel is full of helpful tips, techniques, and comprehensive product reviews. Wayne focuses mostly on classic techniques that you would learn in a professional environment, but easy to replicate even for makeup newbies. He works with women of all ages, from young to mature. The man is astonishingly generous; he gives away priceless information that it would take a lot of money and time to learn otherwise. Add to this a great sense of humor; a charming, non-judgmental delivery; and his signature wink at the end of each video, and you’ve got yourself one of the best makeup and beauty channels Youtube has to offer.

GossMakeupArtist has a regular channel for makeup tutorials; a second channel focused on product reviews; and a blog.


Pixiwoo is the brand name for two sisters, Sam and Nic, who are professional makeup artists with many years experience in the industry. They are both lovely, funny and talented women. Pixiwoo is a bit of a media empire at this point, including their main channel; their secondary channel with more personal and fun content; and a blog. The sisters have a great rapport with each other and are very personable and accessible. The older sister, Samantha Chapman, created a line of makeup brushes last year called Real Techniques (available at Ulta here in the States, and at pharmacies worldwide). This line has its own website full of helpful video tutorials. I own a great number of these brushes (my current favorite being the Expert Face Brush), and they are extremely affordable and very good quality.

The girls at Pixiwoo are great at teaching fun and useful techniques; they also do a lot of celebrity tutorials, so if you are looking a particular famous person’s makeup look, chances are they’ve done a tutorial on it.


Lisa Eldridge is another experienced, professional makeup artist who is famous for working in the fashion and movie industry. Red carpet tutorials are a specialty of hers, and unlike most youtube makeup artists, she is often the actual original creator of those looks. She gives great insight into the life and work of a makeup artists to the stars. Despite hobnobbing with the entertainment and fashion elite, Lisa is quite approachable and a generous teacher; she has plenty of helpful information for everyone. She is like the sister we all wish we had: smart, strong, intelligent and understanding. For example, her video on how to do a makeup look for a meeting with your ex is  absolutely brilliant and a must-see. Her teaching style is both soothing and educational. Lisa has a youtube channel and a blog.

 I hope you enjoy following these three of my favorite makeup and beauty bloggers. I guarantee you will learn a lot while also having fun, whether you are a makeup newbie or a seasoned makeup artist.


2 responses to “Top 3 Youtube Makeup Channels You Need to Follow

  1. I do believe Wayne’s last name is Goss. Hence, GossMakeupArtist. 😉 He’s my absolute favorite, so glad you included him!

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