Stained Hot Pink Converse

 I don’t know what you think, but in my opinion the day after Thanks- giving is for reading. I started a paranormal book called “Stained” by Ella James and the first sentence mentioned sneakers, so I thought it was peripherally blog related:

Julia looked down at her hot pink Converse All-Stars. She stuffed her cold hands into her jeans pockets as she watched her trendy feet pick their way over cracks and bumps in the sidewalk.

I’ve never had hot pink Converse but I’ve been wearing other colors since high school, and I currently have two pair of them (gray and black suede) in my closet, so that made me want to keep reading. Unfortunately, the book wasn’t good so I didn’t get much further. There was an angel, and a devil, and then I couldn’t stand it anymore, but the shoes stuck in my mind. It was too bad the writing sucked, because if the heroine had good taste in shoes the author was doing something right at least.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving. Reading anything good today?


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