Valeria’s Birthday Wish List

November is a busy month for me. My mom and I both celebrate our birthdays a week apart.

My birthday week should be a good time for me to think of all the things I’m grateful to have in my life, right? Wrong! That’s what Thanksgiving is for (especially since it’s conveniently almost around the corner). No, I’d rather think of all the stuff I want. Behold my (extremely abridged) birthday wish list:

Valeria's Birthday Wish List
  • Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara intrigues me, now that I’ve seen this highly complimentary review.Something tells me though, that the magic is all about the wand, not the actual formula, which means there can be a cheaper way of replicating the same result (just have to find that wand!)
  • I tragically just ran out of Fortnum & Mason’s wonderful Assam tea that I bought in London earlier this year. I am feeling the loss very keenly already!
  • Cartier Panthere bracelet… Unattainable at the moment, but that’s why it’s called a wish list, right? One day… In the meantime, I have this video to watch again and again.
  • Ahh, Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille. My dream fragrance. Since I can’t afford it at the moment, I found a good replacement in Lavanila Pure Vanilla eau de parfum.
  • I need a good new camera, you guys! Something easy to carry and more sophisticated than a point and shoot… oh, and affordable, too. Any suggestions?
  • The moment I tasted the cocktail charmingly named Hanky Panky (I mean, come on!), I fell completely and irreversibly in love. This gorgeous creation (straight from the Savoy Cocktail Book) requires Fernet Branca (and here’s a little secret: its not enough to simply garnish the cocktail with a piece of orange peel. Make sure to squeeze the oil from the peel directly into the glass. That’s the secret to Hanky Panky nirvana.)
  • I am on a hunt for bold, dramatic, sexy evening earrings. Amrita Singh always has something I love, and I really love these gorgeous Ulva earrings.
  • Now that the winter is almost upon us, I’m devising ways to keep my body and soul warm. Nothing warms me more than the sound of sensual neo tango!

What’s on your birthday wish list?


One response to “Valeria’s Birthday Wish List

  1. Oooh, I love vanilla, and that replacement perfume sounds divine – vanilla and patchouli? YUM!

    As for camera recs, I have a Panasonic Lumix and I LOVE it, although it is a point and shoot. I use it more than my DSLR now.

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