Lucy Liu’s Clothes in Elementary: The Perfect Stripe

As I’ve said before, I worship Watson’s clothes in Elementary. I admire how she manages to look dramatic and comfortable at the same time. That’s HARD to do and we usually sacrifice one or the other. I know I’m always choosing the most comfortable outfit and then feeling scruffy and unstylish, but clearly Ms. Liu (or her stylist) has figured out how to do both.
This is one of my favorite ensembles from Episode 5: the striped shirt and blazer combo. I have shirts like that but I don’t think of them as things to wear out of the house because they seem so casual. There are dressier striped shirts of course, but she’s wearing what looks like a cotton long underwear tee type shirt, which is uber casual. And of course she doesn’t look casual, she looks bold and urban and professional.
Lucie Lu wears a striped shirt and blazer in Elementary

Lucie Liu pairs a striped shirt and blazer

I’m inspired to give stripes another try because the whole outfit looks comfortable and I already have all of the pieces, except for the perfect striped shirt. I think finding the exact stripe that looks good on you is key. I want to try one with a brighter color stripe that she does because otherwise I’m just doing another black and gray outfit and I do too many of those.
Here’s a roundup of some of the stripes out there now:
Striped shirts
I’m sure we could track down a stripe that is a close match for the one she is wearing (Ann Taylor has one in stores now), but I think we all need to find a stripe that fits our own particular style. The good news is most stores are on the stripe train right now, so if you try a few you will be able to see what looks good on you.
You probably already have a basic navy or black jacket, but if blazers aren’t your style you could try a sweater styled like a blazer. One of my favorite style bloggers just did a roundup of these recently if that idea appeals to you.

4 responses to “Lucy Liu’s Clothes in Elementary: The Perfect Stripe

  1. I would love to find out the pattern for the pink scarf Lucy Liu wore two weeks ago. It was a cowl scarf she wore it with a grey coat. It was beautiful…anyone know where it came from

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