Stylish Rainboots: Stay Dry AND Look Good

When I was little I loved going outside after a storm and playing in the puddles. Now I’m more likely to say, “Rain rain go away,” because splashing in puddles isn’t fun when the puddles leak into your boots. And the problem with grownup rainboots is that it’s hard to find ones that are waterproof AND stylish.

If you study the rainboots in stores you will realize we consumers are given two choices: rubber boots that will keep you dry but aren’t attractive (DRY BUT CLUNKY) and fashion boot look-alikes that are attractive but don’t actually function well as rain repellers (LEAKY BUT STYLISH).

Dry but Clunky | Leaky but Stylish

Do you have to choose between Dry but Clunky and Leaky but Stylish rainboots?                                 (All boots from Piperlime)

The dry boots are on the left in this collage and the leaky (or impossible to walk in during bad weather) are on the right (all the boots are from Piperlime because they generally have tasteful shoes, not because I am getting paid; also because I’m lazy).

Rubber boots scream “I’m tacky,” in my humble opinion, simply because they are made of rubber. I know right now most of you are thinking “What about Hunters, that’s what I have.” The standard Hunters Wellingtons are just not my cup of tea,  because Wellingtons are too trendy now and so I have a knee-jerk reaction against them. Also, the huge white label on the front of the boot is not appealing to me.

So rubber boots may be tacky, but rubber boots are the only type that keep your feet entirely dry, in my experience. “Fashion” rainboots frequently incorporate a fabric that is not water repellent—like suede—or have zippers that let in water. Sometimes they will have a water repellent material on the bottom of the boot and then switch to another fabric on top—I’ve found the water always leaks in where the fabric changes. And I’m not talking about cheap fashion rainboots. The last pair I bought was from a well-known brand and were over $300, because I was desperate for rainboots that were NOT rubber. Well, that’s the last time I make that mistake.

So given all the bad rainboot experiences I’ve had, what is my conclusion? Well, lately I’ve been thinking about buying one of these pairs from Piperlime (I know, again with Piperlime):

Yes all three are completely rubber so no one would mistake them for anything but rain boots, but they’re all a step up from the plasticy looking rubber. I’d like all three honestly, but I will probably get the Hunters. They look comfortable but the quilting effect on the rubber is as less like a typical rainboot as you can get.

Here’s a closeup of the quilting.

A closeup of the quilting design on the Hunter Regent Savoy rainboot

So after a long search I found my rainboots. The reviews look good, so here’s hoping they’re as good in real life. Fashionotes also picked these as their fave boot choice. Do you like our choice?


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