Zodiac Style: Scorpio

I’ve always been interested in astrology. Whether you happen to think it valid or just a kooky pseudo science, it’s still pretty fascinating. It’s a great tool for self-knowledge. Recently, I started thinking about how astrology could relate to style. The zodiac offers twelve fascinating archetypes that are a lot of fun to examine from a style point of view. This is my intention with this series of posts. One the first Monday of each month, I will take a look at the astrological Sun sign that rules that month, and try to imagine what style would suit its qualities. 

Since today is the first Monday of November, and November is my birthday month, it’s only fair that I start with Scorpio.

Ahh, Scorpio. Easily the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. I don’t know about any other Scorpios out there,  but I am always reluctant to fess up to being one. Inevitably, people are either surprised (“Seriously? You don’t behave like a typical Scorpio,” whatever that is supposed to mean); apprehensive (“Don’t bite me”); or smirking suggestively (“Please bite me”). The less said about that one, the better.

Truth is, it’s never, ever easy and simple with Scorpios. There’s always drama. Usually it’s controlled and simmering drama, though. You always know there’s more to them than meets the eye. Don’t ever be fooled by their nonchalant, or even cool, air; they are like dormant volcanoes on legs. Their intensity, unless they learn how to channel it properly, can be overwhelming. It colors everything about them, even their sense of humor. They hate being told to “lighten up” and “relax,” partly because it’s not natural to them, and partly because they would give anything to be able to do it with ease. This is one of their secret weaknesses, and they abhor weakness.

Mr. Darcy: so deliciously intense

The wonderful thing about Scorpios is that they don’t do anything half way. In every endeavor they are focused and committed. They are also incredibly sensitive, and, with those they trust, they tend to be open and generous.

Imagine Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice. A pretty typical male Scorpio, I think: controlled, brooding, and intense; yet such an easily wounded soul underneath it all.

Grace Kelly is an example of a Scorpio woman. She is one of the greatest style icons of all time. Grace presented a cool, composed and chic facade to the public, but was known to her closer friends and lovers as an incredibly passionate woman. She was gracious to everyone, but always intensely private. While her elegant, regal style is imitated to this day, it was the woman herself who made it so special. Her simmering, remote sensuality added the “je ne sais quoi” element that is impossible to imitate.

Here are some inherent Scorpio qualities that translate into style:

  • mysterious allure, sensuality, magnetism
  • controlled drama
  • depth, darkness, strength and boldness
  • passion and intensity

As I said before, volcano is a great visual. Also, think water and fire: Scorpio is a water sign, but it’s ruled by the fiery Mars, and the slowly burning Pluto. Color-wise, the marriage of dark colors like black, charcoal and indigo with reds and oranges reflects this combination. Metallics are great, too, since both water and fire have reflective properties.

Silhouettes and fabrics vary depending on body type, but think body conscious yet not too revealing. Sensual but never sloppy; often with a degree of sharpness. Silk and leather are great materials.

Scorpio is all about the mystery, and let’s be honest: they’re also a bit dangerous and even naughty underneath it all. They never reveal everything; their sensuality has a dark edge to it. It’s all about the promise of more to come. Laces, garters, corsets, stockings (fishnets and 40’s style), and stiletto heels combined with classic pencil skirts are very Scorpio. Expensive lingerie is their way to keep in touch with their sensuality, and to carry a titillating secret, only to be revealed to those who are worthy. Chic outer garments help maintain a put together, cool facade. Dark siren Deeta von Teese is a great example of Scorpio style and appeal.

Animal prints (snakeskin in particular) are great for Scorpios. Color blocking works, too; in fact, strong, bold, rich or jeweltone colors worn with neutrals are great, provided they flatter your coloring. If not, then choose monochromatic ensembles in your best colors, but always with jewelry. Avoid things that are too simple, plain and basic, or too dainty and intricate. Chain motif is great, too, as is anything lace-up (corsets, boots). Fur is great, especially combined with leather, or a coat in a long, sweeping silhouette.

Scorpios are bold, but their boldness is the kind that always holds back a bit. Their impact is strong and lasting, not flashy and short-lived. They like to seduce and sometimes, even to shock. Every Scorpio has this mysterious, seductive quality. Their magnetism is an inherent part of their appeal, and the key to their style.

Here’s what a Scorpio would wear:

Scorpio Style

I hope you enjoyed this astrology-themed post. First Monday of December, we will take a look at Sagittarian style.


5 responses to “Zodiac Style: Scorpio

    • @Rachel Ramey,
      You must have strong Pluto energy as I do. Look into your natal chart to find out how strong your Pluto is. I have Pluto conjunct Ascendant making many aspects to personal planets. I dress in corsets and form fitting full length skirts masked with black lace or mesh bathing suit covers.

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