Everyday Signature Style: Things You Can’t Live Without

The other day I started thinking about the things that I couldn’t live without, style-wise.  Things that are part of my style every single day; not the basics like bags and shoes, or things that I adore like animal prints, but the elements of my style that are constant no matter what. I found three, and thought I’d share them with you today.

1. Large statement earrings (dangly, long, chandelier, and always dramatic).

Oh earrings, how I love thee. I never leave the house without earrings, and that’s the truth. Dramatic, long earrings (coupled with my hairstyle) create more visual impact on top, which is a great thing for someone whose head is a bit small for her body, like me.

I love jewelry in general. I love beautiful necklaces and bangle bracelets. But, while they look lovely in theory, they never feel right on me. Somehow, wearing a necklace on my chest bugs me; it also competes with what I truly love, big earrings. The only necklaces I wear very successfully are chains – long, sometimes layered. They don’t compete with my dramatic earrings and are so neutral, they look great on top of prints, too.

Bracelets are the same. I love them in theory, but bangles are always too big for my wrists, and they drive me insane when I type on my laptop. If you love bracelets but don’t wear them for the same reasons, look into wrap around bracelets, or chain-style ones that can be tailored to fit your wrist.

Some examples of my collection:

These photos also illustrate the second style element I wear every day…

2. Red lipstick. Orange-red, tomato red, red-coral, peachy red. Usually glossy or with a slight metallic sheen (mattes look too heavy and aging on me).

There is something about lipstick that dresses up your whole face. Red lipstick, in particular, is good like that; the key is finding the right shade and formula for you. Red lipstick requires commitment. It’s jealous and won’t tolerate any other strong color that would compete with it for attention on your face. This means keeping your eyes neutral (and making sure your complexion is clean and even). Just like bangles and necklaces, color on the eyes is something  I love on other people, but not on myself, so it’s easy enough to stay faithful to red lipstick. It’s worth it.

And finally, the third signature part of my style that I wear every (or almost) every day:

3. Cocktail rings. Big, bold, attention-grabbing, stylish and modern. They seem to create a nice balance with the earrings and lipstick, and somehow they never get in my way as I move through the day (unlike bracelets). I also happen to “talk with my hands” quite a bit, so they contribute to that expressive energy. I’m glad that they are back in fashion after many years; but frankly, I don’t think I could ever give them up, even if they weren’t.

It helps to look at your everyday style must-haves and see what they tell you about you and your style. My must-haves all make a strong statement. They also have a singular ability to dress up any outfit; in fact, all three are dressy, which is how I like my style; I like to make a statement even when I’m at my most casual. I also realize that my energy is expressive and bold, and wearing these three must-haves is like wearing extensions of myself: they both support and enhance me. They are with me every day, and wearing them feels like home.

How about you? What are the elements of your style that are always with you? What story do they tell?


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