Shopping Diaries: Jewelry Extravaganza

Last week I was visiting Newport, RI, and a friend offered to take me to a fashion jewelry store that, according to her, would blow my mind.

I was understandably skeptical about this. Very few things blow my mind these days, shopping-wise. But when I stepped into Sequin, I realized that she was right. The place is like a candy store for fashion jewelry lovers (click on all photos to enlarge them).

 The range of jewelry carried at Sequin is pretty staggering. Interestingly, the in-store selection was much greater than what is available on their website. For example, in addition to their brand name pieces, they had an excellent selection of Badgley Mischka jewelry.

All of you color lovers will be happy to hear that the merchandise was organized by both color and style:

Here’s a sampling of the jewelry sold at Sequin.

Gorgeous art deco inspired pieces:

Lush, intricate evening jewelry with floral motifs:

Lovely jewelry inspired by Newport’s proximity to the ocean:

Modern, luxe fashion jewelry (I snagged a gorgeous statement bracelet and a pair of earrings from this corner):

These photos represent only a part of what was on display. There were many pieces of to suit more conservative tastes, though one had to look carefully past the colorful displays to find the more modest offerings. My friend bought a lovely simple bracelet (below) and an elegant and very versatile pair of earrings.

photo courtesy of

If you feel overwhelmed looking at these photos, imagine how your poor author felt! If anything, I found that the space didn’t permit for the individual pieces to be displayed more prominently to do them justice. I admit to feeling a little dazed. The good news is that the stylistic range presented here is very diverse. Whether your taste ranges from dramatic and lush, to natural or artistic, to modern and edgy, you are guaranteed to find something you like. Many style influences are represented, among them egyptian, tribal, bohemian, art deco,  art nouveau, and victorian. This place is a real treasure trove of fashion jewelry. But I highly advise you to come prepared and to be ready to spend quite a lot of time here.

Newport boasts a whopping three Sequin stores. Other locations include Palm Beach, Southampton and Chicago. Despite the posh locations, the prices are affordable. My bracelet cost $35, and the earrings were $25. They weren’t as extravagant as some other pieces; evening and statement styles can run from $60 to $120, and from $150-300 for the most expensive ones (including designer names like Badgley Mishka). Even if you aren’t ready to spend any money, I recommend stopping by a Sequin store just to experience the gorgeous visuals and to feel the wonder akin to that of a child stepping into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. And if you can’t make it to a store, there’s always the website

PS. We are not affiliated with Sequin, and this is not an advertisement. 


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