How to Use Google and TV for Style Inspiration

I’ve been steadily working on my vision board collage but hitting a brick wall because I ran out of places to search. I started out with websites for the stores I normally shop in, but then realized I was only getting items that I already had or would normally buy. It felt too much like a shopping list and it wasn’t giving me any new ideas about what I liked. I needed NEW SOURCES OF INSPIRATION.

The problem was I didn’t actually know any other places to look. Sure, I’ve heard of other brands and stores—like “Gucci” or whatever—but the names meant nothing to me. I’ve just never been one to follow couture or even particularly expensive brands because I knew I could never afford them. Other than going to brand sites at random (which I actually did some of), I didn’t know what to do.

I turned to Google. I figured that would introduce the random factor, which should give me some new ideas. I am still doing one type of item at a time like I was last week, so I tried typing in “chandelier earrings.” Of course I got a ton of sites, and I tried going to all of them. That gave me some new ideas—I brushed up on the latest earring styles, and I felt like I was getting an idea for what type of earring really feels like me.

I’m trying NOT to buy anything though, because I don’t want to spend any money before I have time to use my imagination fully. I’m pretty sure that’s how I’ve ended up with a lot of clothes I don’t really love. So I’m still in the inspiration phase.

Which brings me to another idea I had: finding new looks from TV characters. I’ve been watching Jane by Design, and while I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as a show, I do love the way one of the characters dresses. Actually, that might be the best thing about the show! (Sorry if there are any fans out there.)

India's style

The character India on Jane by Design has great style. Look at her geometric necklace, leather top, and straight hair.

The character’s name is India, and she wears dark solids, big statement jewelry in geometric modern styles, and interesting textures. She has a futuristic/avant-garde side that inspires me. She’s a designer in a top fashion house in NYC, so her style is probably a bit over-the-top for me, but it does give me some new ideas.

While I was thinking about TV shows, I also remembered that I loved a bag that Veronica carried in Season 3 of Veronica Mars. I wanted it at the time but couldn’t find it, but oh the internet has come a long way in the last few years! Apparently it was a Nordstrom bag, or maybe it is

Veronica Mars Style

now. The internet isn’t too clear, but at least I found some pictures of it so I could use it for inspiration. I guess I’m in trouble if I end up actually wanting to buy it…

Veronica's bag in Season 3

The bag Veronica Mars carries for part of Season 3

I know Google and TV are not genius sources of inspiration, but they are my latest ideas. I’m thinking of making a concerted effort to explore more designers next. Let me know if you have any ideas for me!


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