Friday Inspiration: Celebrating Men

This weekend many of us will be celebrating Father’s Day and the men in our lives. So I thought, what better subject for today’s Friday Inspiration post than men, and how amazing they are?

Much can be said about the wonderful qualities of men: the  true, strong masculine energy, the Yang that gives impulse to new ideas, that is always seeking, questioning, asserting, discovering. This energy in its purest form is vitality itself, and it’s electrifying and reassuring at the same time. And despite enjoying this undoubtedly masculine side of men, one of my favorite things about them is their ability to admire and revere women and feminine beauty. Much of the world art and literature over thousands of years has recorded the love affair between male admiration and female beauty in all its forms. From ancient sculptors, to Renaissance painters, to classic couturiers, men spent considerable time, effort and talent paying homage to women. Today’s boyfriend or husband telling his beloved that she looks beautiful has the same fire in his heart as did the poets and bards of old. His words may be simpler, but his admiration is just as pure.

The truth us, men who love and adore us are a lot less critical of us than we are of ourselves. If given the chance, men can be incredibly supportive. After all, when we love someone, seeing them happy and confident is one of life’s greatest pleasures; in this, men are no different than women. So today, remember that inside every man lives a true Champion, ready to be at your side when you need him. Remember, and this Father’s Day, remind him and yourself of the many reasons why you love him – your father, your  brother, your lover, friend or partner. Remember, and celebrate!


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