Blue Earrings Because I’m Blue?

I’ve been buying blue earrings lately because I feel like wearing color (it’s Spring! it’s sunny!)  and I’m drawn to the color blue. I’m fascinated by why we are drawn to particular colors at different times in our lives. Why am I so attracted to blue now? I’ve always liked it, but I’ve never been as greedy for it.

I think a color draws us toward it on an unconscious level. We may intellectually decide that we like a certain color, but more often we are gradually pulled toward ones that have the energy we need at a certain time. What kind of energy does blue have?

Blue is the color of the sky and of the ocean. The sky is everywhere over us, so we are surrounded by blue when we are outside. Water is a primal powerful thing that we need to sustain life. The sky and the ocean seem limitless and mysterious. Because of the associations we have with water and sky, blue feels immense and deep, but the immensity feels calming and cooling, quieting and soothing instead of scary. Blue has a relaxing energy.

The idea that we use color to unconsciously change our moods resonates with me. I’ve been feeling anxious, and at the same time I’ve started craving blue.If you are feeling the need to buy blue clothes or accessories, you are probably seeking calm and relaxation to counteract your anxiety. Or, maybe you just need a drink of water?


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